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Welcome to rictus3mpra. This community is for all of us Harry Potter fanatics.

The story behind the name is as follows : i wanted alohomora (for some cheesy "unlock my dreams/heart/bogus stuff) but it was taken and when i looked up what rictusempra did, i loved it! so the theme is "the harry potter boys make me tickle down below". But straight guys, totally join! it's the masculine thing to do (why, i do not know). But everyone READ THE RULES!


|x| When you join, and to join, you must be an active member.
|x| After you've joined, post and introduce yourself! it's only polite
|x| Promoting other communitites is not allowed!!
|x| There will be no stealing of anyones personal graphics without their permission.
|x| You may post graphics (ex: icons, blinkies, headers, so on).
|x| Note, when you do post graphics, plz use a tag. Go to help if you don't know what tags are.
|x| NO cursing you assholes >_<
|x| No anonymous comments... because they're annoying
|x| N0 T@lkN L!KE DIz.. got it?
|x| When you join, post one of the blinkies shown below to show ur great support!
|x| Thanx for joining! tee hee

more coming soon.. be patient